How to Become a Grant Writer

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Grant WriterHow to Become a Grant Writer

The grant writer, also known as the director of foundation relations, is integral for organizations that depend on outside funding to operate. To be successful in this career, it takes considerable skill in written language as well as a strong knowledge of the workings of an organization.

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What They Do

Grant writers tackle the arduous process of researching grant programs, writing grant proposals, completing necessary paperwork and presenting proposals to foundation boards and other grantors. Diligent networking is a strong component of the job; grant writers look for new opportunities to raise funds for their organization.

How to Become One

The first step to becoming a successful grant writer is to earn a college degree. A dual major in communications or marketing  and human services  is an ideal background for grant writers. Grant writers not only need to be effective communicators, but should also have a passion for their organization and a solid understanding of how that organization can solve problems in the community.

Most prospective grant writers also join a professional organization, such as the American Grant Writers Association. Belonging to an association, along with other credentials, can help grant writers promote themselves.

Above all, grant writers need to have excellent problem solving skills. It is not a grant writer’s job to raise awareness about problems that exist, but to convince grantors that their organization can solve these problems and deserves funding.

Job Outlook

Grant writing is a very competitive field. However, it is an industry that has done well despite a turbulent economy. Many grant writers find work with nonprofits, as these organizations are most dependent on funding to continue operating.

Salaries for grant writers can fluctuate quite a bit depending on location, experience and the amount of work a writer can attract. Realistically, professional grant writers can expect to earn between $25,000 and $65,000 annually. Having a solid education can substantially boost a grant writer’s earning potential.

Similar Careers

When you earn an online degree in human services from Shorter University, many career paths are opened to you. The human services field is a great place for passionate individuals to find a rewarding career that enables them to change lives. Other careers in human services include:

If you’re interested in a career as a grant writer, a degree in human services may be the right route for you.

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