The Use of Data in Crime Prevention

Posted by Brian Neese on November 30, 2015  /   Posted in Criminal Justice

“‘Big data’ warrants innovative processing solutions for a variety of new and existing data to provide real business benefits,” according to technology research firm Gartner. “But processing large volumes or wide varieties of data remains merely a technological solution unless it is tied to business goals and objectives.” Savvy businesses reap the benefits of big

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A New Way of Conducting Business: The Benefit Corporation

Posted by Brian Neese on October 27, 2015  /   Posted in Business

Economist Milton Friedman once proposed that profit is the only social responsibility of business. Although this may not be legally true, there is tremendous pressure for corporations to maximize shareholder value. As a result, critics point to how this focus takes away from the potential benefits that corporations can offer — and even how it

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5 Top Degrees for the 2016 Job Market

Posted by Brian Neese on September 30, 2015  /   Posted in News

  Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) make a compelling case for workers who are considering furthering their education. First, the likelihood of facing unemployment is lower for people who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The unemployment rate for people with a bachelor’s degree is 3.5 percent, and the unemployment rate for

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Inside the Numbers: The Use of Sports Analytics in the NFL

Posted by Brian Neese on August 21, 2015  /   Posted in Sports Management

Compared to the MLB and NBA, the NFL has hardly scratched the surface of what’s possible with sports analytics. Part of the problem is that many NFL teams don’t take full advantage of the data that is currently available. “The Great Analytics Rankings” from ESPN show that not a single NFL franchise is “all-in” when

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Inside the Numbers: The Use of Sports Analytics in the MLB

Posted by Brian Neese on July 21, 2015  /   Posted in Sports Management

Baseball stands at the forefront of sports analytics. In fact, other popular sports in the United States can trace their statistical lineage directly from baseball. For instance, both the NFL and NBA borrow Bill James’ Pythagorean expectation for predicting wins based on runs scored and allowed. From a revolution in the value of on-base percentage

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