Horace Sheffield Graduates at 88

Posted by admin on May 15, 2017  /   Posted in News

Horace Sheffield is a name you may have heard on your local radio and news station or your favorite morning news program. He is quickly becoming America’s favorite “Pop”! At age 88, Rev. Sheffield completed his bachelor’s degree here at Shorter University through our Online Programs and is officially a part of our Class of

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5 Current Ethical Issues in Business

Posted by Rebecca Bernstein on November 29, 2016  /   Posted in Business

Business ethics can be defined as “the application of ethical values to business behavior,” explains the Institute of Business Ethics. It is a comprehensive term, covering everything from human resources to financial strategies to accounting practices. To understand how to effectively implement good ethical practices within organizations, managers and employees can familiarize themselves with the

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5 Baffling Unsolved Crimes

Posted by Rebecca Bernstein on October 24, 2016  /   Posted in Criminal Justice

From the murders of Jack the Ripper to stories of the Zodiac Killer, unsolved crimes remain a subject of public fascination. A source of both mystery and morbid allure, offenses that circumvent the criminal justice system raise questions about what investigators could have done differently and why the cases turned cold. Here are five of

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Exploring the Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Posted by Rebecca Bernstein on September 19, 2016  /   Posted in Business

Clear communication is important in any field of work. In medicine, however, it is literally vital. Enter electronic health records. Also known as EHRs, these digital medical charts provide numerous benefits to both patients and healthcare employees, as they provide a common platform for storing, referencing and exchanging patient information. Despite their popularity, however, their

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Posted by admin on September 08, 2016  /   Posted in News

Shorter University would like to help ITT-Tech students whose academic plans have been unfortunately disrupted. Shorter University offers traditional, adult (CAPP), and online programs in Criminal Justice and Business, including Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s (Business) degrees. In addition, we offer a traditional program in Nursing. Check us out today. We are here to help you

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